Thursday, February 3, 2011

Beating Cabin Fever

This has been a particularly cold and snowy winter, and it's only the beginning of February. Since there are probably a number of cold days ahead, we discussed ways to beat cabin fever and activities for antsy little ones this winter.

Around the House

On those days when the roads are icy and the wind chill is low, it helps to have a variety of activities available indoors.
·         Create spaces in each room where kids can play.
·         Leaving one cabinet accessible in the kitchen with pots, pans, and wooden spoons is a great way to entertain babes while preparing dinner.
·         Hang a mirror on the wall at the right height for your little one. This can keep a baby entertained for a while.
·         Have an activity basket in each room with discovery items of different shapes, sizes, colors, textures, and smells. These can be household items like an empty spice container, a piece of felt, or a lavender sachet.
·         Create a space where it’s okay to be rowdy. Hang a hammock; bring the slide indoors; lay the yoga mat out for tumbling
·         Check out this great article with ideas for imaginative play: Imaginative Play

Around Town
Let’s face it: we can’t hibernate all winter. Parents need to get out of the house, too! We’ve compiled a list of local venues that are kid-friendly. If you have a suggestion, please share it in the comments section!
·         IMCPL has free concerts, children’s book readings, and book signings.
·         Carmel Clay library has movies, play groups, special events
·         The Children’s Museum is free for families 1st Thursday of each month, 4-8
·         The Zoo has discounted admission first Tues of the month, March-Dec
·         The Indianapolis Museum of Art has free admission (and pets are welcome at 100 Acres)
·         Community open swimming is at the North Central High School natatorium, 6-8 Tuesday and Friday, 3-5pm Saturday
·         The Broad Ripple La Leche League has a play group on the first Monday of every month, 10:30 a.m., at the First Mennonite Church. Directions are available on the LLL blog. You don’t have to be a member to attend. In fact, a number of the playgroup regulars never attend LLL meetings.
·         The Indy Arts Council has suggestions for events around town 


Unless it’s dangerously cold, it’s healthy to be outside. Keeping babies in a sling or carrier under a parent’s coat helps keep both parties warm.  Waldkindergarten, a type of school in Germany, involves attending school outdoors, year round. We don’t have any schools like that in Indy, but there are plenty of opportunities for outdoor fun around town.
·         Several of our favorite parks involve hiking trails, playgrounds, and nature centers.
o   Holliday Park (Indianapolis)
o   Central Park (Carmel)
o   Cool Creek Park (Carmel)
·         With this recent ice storm, I’ve been skating in the back yard

Please share your favorite spots or activities in the comment section.

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  1. Hi Amie and Daniell! Thanks for starting this fabulous blog! I was just reading over the Feb info and realized the LLL playgroup info is incorrect - it's the first Friday, not the first Monday. Hope to see you there next week!